About This Blog

As high-level employees, executives are in a complex legal world. They are both representatives of their company and its management, as well as individuals with interests that possibly conflict with those of their employers.

Legal Issues in the Executive Suite is dedicated to examining those complexities and providing our readers with regular updates on litigation, legislation and current events that have an impact on their lives. Two of the most pressing legal issues confronted by executives are trade secrets and non-competes.

Executives who change employers are sometimes accused of stealing trade secrets, so we keep our eye on efforts to expand or restrict criminal and civil causes of action against those accused of such theft. We also offer general advice on protecting trade secrets and how executives can avoid even the appearance of impropriety in their handling of confidential information and trade secrets.

Non-competes are in the news almost constantly, particularly as employers attempt to expand their use beyond top-level employees with access to confidential information. Perhaps not coincidentally, a handful of states are considering banning non-competes, and we’ll keep our readers updated as those initiatives progress (or stall).

We also address other legal matters important to executives, such as retention agreements, compensation and severance agreements.

If there are topics you would like to see addressed here, please feel free to e-mail them to me at joeahmad@wordpress-782789-2907176.cloudwaysapps.com.